Genius Hour #3

I apologize, I am so sorry if this blog post is a little late, but I wasn’t in class half of last week. I will post another blog this week to make up for the one I missed last week.

On the other hand, my plants are doing pretty good. Although, one of my bean plants, the stem kind of snapped, but it is still attached and I am hoping it will keep growing. Also, two of the three cucumber plants have died due to a lack of water and so did two of the three carrots. Luckily, I still have two bean plants, one carrot, and two tomato plants growing. I also plan on replanting the radishes in a foam egg carton and I hope to see different results with the radishes the second time.

I think a challenge I have started to face is that it is hard to water the plants as often as I need to. According to Bonnie Grant from the Gardening Know How, I should be watering my plants so that at least the top inch of the soil is wet. I also need to make sure that I don’t over water the plants.

I recently watched this YouTube video on How to Grow Your Plants Faster. It was posted by Product Match in September of 2015 and I take no credit for this YouTube video. I just think that this was a good video that was short and quick, but helps my plants grow quicker.

I will give you guys another blog post with some pictures of my plants later during the week. Thank you so much for reading!

Genius Hour #2

First of all, I mentioned in my last blog post that my friend Caitlyn and I are going to be making a recycled garden together. Due to my VERY busy schedule, we are going to be growing our plants on our own, at our own houses, and coming back together to have one major final end vision. If you would like to see how Caitlyn’s part of the project is going, you can check out her blog!

On the other hand, I have planted all my seeds. Each different type of plant seed is planted in a different type of container. Including:

  • Green beans in a 2 liter pop bottle (3)IMG_1462
  • Spinach in an old milk carton (2)
  • Carrots in Starbuck’s glass bottle (3)
  • Tomato’s in a 12 ounce pop bottle (3)bibIMG_1465I tried to grow radishes in an old egg carton, but that didn’t work. A few of the seed sprouted plants, but the egg carton absorbed all the water every time I watered the plants.

From this project so far I have learned how hard it is to keep a garden growing. Planting the plants correctly takes a LONG time, but it saves you a lot of time in the end. I don’t have to replant the vegetables in bigger planters.

A few obstacles I have faced is making sure the plants get enough, but not too much water.  For example, the radishes didn’t have enough water and they ended up drying up. It is very important to make sure that you water the plants enough and give them enough sunlight, otherwise they won’t be able to get the energy and nutrients they need to live.

I plan on giving you guys an updated blog post once a week. Thanks for reading!



My College Vists- BVU

For my college visit yesterday I went to BVU, also known as Buena Vista University. The first building we entered through the east enterence, took us to a building underground. The underground building had the cafeteria, tutoring center, coffee shop, and the ballroom. The cafeteria was a huge food court with lots of food choices and we ate in the ballroom.

Through the west entrance they took us to a big building that held their science department. In the science building it had the largest room on campus. It sat about 60 – 70 students. To the north of the football field, we went in the dorms.

Each dorm room was kind of small, but you could stack the beds and make a bunk bed if you wanted more room. On the top floor of the eastern dorms, there was a hang out area with a kitchen that over looked the football field.

My favorite part of the trip was getting to see the victory arch. The arch

Buena  Vista University

Buena Vista University

was the only think that with stood a fire in the mid 1900’s. You are only supposed to walk through it twice. The first time is walking to the chapel as a freshman, and the second time is for when you are walking from the chapel to your graduation ceremony. It is believed that if you walk through it any other time besides those two times, you won’t graduate the year you are supposed to.


Genius Hour: Recycled Garden

For my Genius Hour project, Caitlyn L. and I are creating a recycled garden.  We have chosen this topic because it is a great way to recycle and show that anyone can easily grow their own food. We have decided that we are going to try and grow spinach, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, peanuts, and cucumbers. Also, we VeggieGardenare going to keep the plants at my house during the course of this project.

Some of the ideas for different “pots” we are going to use for our project, we got from DesignRulz. Some of the “pots” include a sideways one liter pop bottle with the side cut out of it, a milk jug with the top cut off at an angle, and old shoe or rain boot that we are able to hang up,an old soup can with the lib taken off, a terrarium that my dad use to use for his fish that we can use to grow multiple plants in, a non-used firewood log with the center cut out, and an old paint can.

The goal with doing this project is that we can successfully grow plants i these containers.   We can achieve this goal by making sure each individual plant gets enough sunlight. Also making sure to water these plants everyday, but not drown the plants either. We also think that this will be a fun, environmentally friendly project that promotes healthy eating habits.

I will make sure to post a blog about the progress of the plants and post pictures to track how fast they are growing.


So Long, Farewell

I wrote 9 blogs.

1 was school based. 8 were challenges.

I had 7 comments.

3 were from classmates. 1 from a teacher. 3 from other students I don’t know.

Most comments were on ¨Things about me..¨

I think I got the most comments on that post because it was introducing who I am.

I changed themes to make it more what I like.

Only web tool I used was Bitmoji.

—– Interview thingy —–

My first impression was that you blog just like they way you talk /act.

What captured my attention was that you start off that gets me wondering what else you have to say.

The background picture probably distracted me the most.

Pick a more neutral, but interesting looking background picture. Also, try and get more involved with others blogs.


My little brother Kyle is in 7th grade and spends all of his time in his room, on his Xbox.

Doug, my dad, is a pastor and spends much of his time at work. Since he is a Children Pastor, he does a lot of extra work at the church. Setting up for a lot of extra activities, doing funerals, weddings, and many other thinks.

My mom is a stay at home mom. She also helps her mom with doing bills, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and anything else my grandmother needs.



Then there is me. I spend most of my time hanging out with my friends. I don’t tend to hangout with the same people in school, as I do out of school because our schedules do not always line up.

As a family though, we like to watch movies, a lot. Otherwise, we like to do a lot of different holiday actives depending on the season.

Brrrrr.. Blizarrrrds..

David Schwartz

David Schwartz

Blizzards are very, very common in Iowa, most specifically, the Mid West.

The week of Christmas in 2010, a horrible blizzard hit the East Coast. It left thousands of travelers stuck in airports December 26th-27th, grounding way over 7,000 flights. This storm happened to have a rare meteorological event, thunder-snow. Thunder-snow is like a horrible thunder storm, but instead of rain, its snow. From this storm, in New York City,their transportation took a harsh beating. NYC’s harsh beating left people stranded in subway cars for over 5 hours.

Christmas Nor'Easter

Christmas Nor’Easter

To the right, a picture from space showing how big the massive blizzard was that hit the East Coast.

Just from the picture you can tell that this picture was taken while the storm has already moved its way further north in the New York and Maine area.

During the same year, in February, within a span of twenty days, there were three blizzards. The first blizzard, occurred between February 1st-6th, sweeping form coast-to-coast, piling high making record amounts of snow in the Mid-Atlantic region. On February 9th, the second storm made heavy snowfalls and produced high winds from Washington, D.C., to

Christmas Nor'Easter

Christmas Nor’Easter

Boston. The third and final blizzard was on February 25th a slow moving storm moving up the East Coast again, leaving thousands of people without power.

The picture to the left, shows a picture from space of what the storm looked like. As we can tell, the blizzard that hit New York had to be much worse.

The storm second blizzard I talked about, was much more spaced out. The second blizzard covered more area but was not as bad.

Blizzards is a type of storm that when one happens, you need to stay in shelter. Being stuck out in a bad blizzard could more then likely give you hypothermia, so stay in doors and stay warm.




Meet Emma ! She is lives in Italy and is 14 years old. One of my favorite posts of hers is LA-LA-LA LASAGNA! I love how she brings her family heritage into her blog. It helps make it easy to relate to the things she posts about!

Ella is a 7  year old, little girl, from Australia.  She wrote a poem called Kittens. I thought it was an adorable little poem. It really fit her personality.

Another blog I checked out was Madeline´s Blog. Madeline is 15 years old and likes music. I enjoyed reading her post on French Fries. She put many interesting facts.

Garrett is the next person I found.  He is a very, very skilled writer. Being detailed is one thing that seems very important to him.

Cheer leading is one of Makenzie´s favorite things to do. She is 10 years old and I love her post about her Homecoming I realized it is wayyy different then ours.

Penelope is a 8 year old girl that lives in Australia. She likes gymnastics and swimming.

He is 8 years old and his name is Eric. He lives in China and enjoys football, just like my brother, and playing with his friends.

Laura is 8 years old and lives in China, too. Laura likes playing with her sister and time with family.

The USA is where he lives and he likes soccer and computers. This is Joseph.


My Average American Foods

smoresOne of my favorite american foods is s´mores. S´mores are made by roasting a marshmallow over a fire (usually a campfire), taking a graham cracker and breaking it in half. Making a sandwich using graham crackers as the bread, and the roasted marshmallow and a piece of Hersey Chocolate as the center of the sandwich.  kjno

Another one of my favorite American foods is french fries. They are basically deep fried potato slices, usually salted. People do like you eat french fries with ketchup.

Places like Burger King, Wendy´s, McDonald’s, and Culver´s serve fries. French fries are eaten all across the United States, mostly from fast food restaurants.

Halloween.., ig.


For Halloween what I tend to do is, make costumes for my dog. I do not have anything better to do with my Halloween then make grape costumes for a dog. I know right, so impressive? NOT. It works.

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